Scaling Healthcare Innovation via an Analytics Center of Excellence

Data can be a tremendous source of value – but tapping into it is proving to be increasingly challenging for the enterprise:

  • How do you engage with the portfolio of advanced analytics opportunities and stakeholders across the organization?
  • How efficiently can you produce actionable insight from multiple source systems?
  • How do you prioritize competing analytics requests from your business?
  • Do you have sufficient analytics expertise to meet business needs?


A Fortune 10 pharmaceutical wholesaler carried a wealth of data sources across their enterprise and business units but wasn’t capitalizing on their data assets to inform their operations and identify market-related trends



The shift towards transforming into a digital enterprise warrants a fresh approach in the context of analytics and data management.


An advanced analytics center of excellence (AA CoE) consolidates the right skills, strategies, processes, and technology to allow the enterprise to increase competitive advantage and accelerate innovation.


Inspired Intellect developed and executed on an AA CoE roadmap that delivered the following:

  • Vision, Charter and Goals of the AA CoE
  • Standards and Methods for Use-Case Analysis & Prioritization, Adoption Measurement and more
  • AA CoE Organizational Structure
  • Governance and Ethical AI framework
  • A Technology Platform the could scale to support the analytics needs of a distributed Fortune 10 data team”



  • Defined an optimal CoE structure, the processes required to support IT – including the business leaders, data scientists, and technical specialists.
  • Advised approach for prioritizing use cases and maintaining available, secure, and usable data.
  • Identified appropriate tools and technologies.
  • Recommended governance considerations to ensure ethical use of data and ML/AI.



Powered by the right skills, processes, strategy and tools, the AA CoE enables the enterprise to do more with its volumes of data:

  • Improve business agility to respond to market/competitive threats and regulatory demands.
  • Respond effectively to evolving customer needs and supplier/procurement risks.
  • Reduce logistics & distribution operational costs.
  • Create greater value for stakeholders.

More significantly, an AA CoE will enable all of these to be done better, faster and more efficiently, while driving continuous insight loops back to the enterprise.