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SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is an out-of-the-box enterprise-ready data warehouse that brings people and information together. SAP Data Intelligence is a comprehensive data management solution that connects, discovers, enriches, and orchestrates disjointed data assets into actionable business insights at enterprise scale.
Inspired Intellect is the first SAP partner solution to integrate the SAP DI solution and SAP DWC.
The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a premier, enterprise-grade cloud platform and set of native services from Google. GCP offers a wide breadth of high performing Infrastructure-as-a-Service options, innovative native services across the entire technology architecture spectrum, 3rd party cloud software integration and hosting as well as hybrid and cross-cloud integrations.
Inspired Intellect partners with GCP to extend and expand client’s adoption of data management and advanced analytics, building mature solutions that take advantage of the modern dynamic resource and performance scaling matched with the pay-for-what-you-use and OpEx financial flexibility.
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Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions helping clients standardize across environments, develop cloud-native applications, and integrate, automate, secure, and manage complex environments.
Inspired Intellect works closely with Red Hat to deliver customized machine learning solutions on OpenShift, primarily using SAP Data Intelligence and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, and to facilitate success for our clients interested in deploying an effective Microservices Architecture leveraging the Red Hat platform.
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Bringing enterprise-grade support, automation and acceleration to data management and advanced analytics through Spark, Databricks offers a best in class cloud-based managed service platform to enable modern Data Ops and ML Ops as well as integration with leading BI toolsets and analytics libraries.
Inspired Intellect ensures our clients achieve optimal benefit from Databricks through our offerings across data engineering, advanced analytics integrations and workload modernization.
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The MarkLogic Data Hub Platform, Progress MarkLogic, integrates and curates your enterprise data to provide immediate business value. Running on a NoSQL foundation for speed and scale, it’s multi-model, elastic, transactional, secure, and built for the cloud.
Inspired Intellect, as a strategic partner with MarkLogic since 2009 (now acquired by Progress), has been named Partner of the Year (2011), Innovator of the Year (2012) and received the Partner Excellence Award (2014). We have delivered significant solutions on MarkLogic Server, and introduced intellectual property to enhance the platform.
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Couchbase is an award-winning distributed NoSQL cloud database. It delivers unmatched versatility, performance, scalability, and financial value across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployments.
Inspired Intellect provides expert implementation services related to Couchbase including query performance optimization, custom application development, data integration, and solutions support. Additionally, we offer deployment services including managed services, cluster administration, migration, and containerization consulting.
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Infoworks DataFoundry allows for seamless end-to-end control and automation for the entire data operations cycle required for your business workload and provides an architectural standard that can be leveraged across multiple workloads and as a standard in support of the target platform operations such as Databricks.
Inspired Intellect significantly accelerates, assures quality and stability of and simplifies the entire data operations and pipeline orchestration for clients through the use of DataFoundry.
Streamsets solves the problem of data integration and data management for continuous delivery and constant change across any platform–past, present, and future.
Inspired Intellect significantly accelerates, assures quality and stability of and simplifies the entire data operations and pipeline orchestration for clients through the use of StreamSets.
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Cloudera delivers an enterprise data cloud that provides cloud-native services to manage and secure the entire data lifecycle from ingest to experimentation, from the Edge to AI, in any cloud or data center.
Inspired Intellect offers implementation and platform support, migration to the cloud, and overall modernization of Hadoop-based solutions for our clients.
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Addressing the common cloud adoption barriers of complexity and dynamics for cloud resource cost management, CloudAdmin leverages machine learning technology to monitor your cloud resource usage, simplify the complexities of cloud resource billing and provide prescriptive guidance to optimize your cloud cost performance across your entire cloud consumption with no operational overhead or maintenance.
Inspired Intellect utilizes CloudAdmin as a key component in the delivery of our Cloud Monitoring Managed Service offering, helping clients maintain visibility and control over their cloud operations.

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