Innovation Applied to Other Industries

Future-Proofing Your Business

Opportunities to transform industries and business models are growing daily, as new technological capabilities present innovative solutions to gain a market advantage. Combine the benefits of our technological leadership and domain expertise to enhance your market leadership in your competitive and regulatory environment.

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The Right Innovation For You

We combine technological leadership with domain experience to accelerate your business across a number of verticals.

Supply Chain

Enhance Operational Excellence by enabling data-driven operations across the value chain. We work with firms to optimize their business model across customer demand and fulfillment, sourcing, inventory management, distribution and logistics.


An increasing landscape of connectedness has provided a data-rich environment that presents a wealth of new insights. From network planning to customer experience, we are working with market leaders to create differentiated opportunities for operations and consumers alike.

Media & Entertainment

Customer demands continue to evolve and require enhanced personalization. We work with companies to quickly identify and scale strategies to exceed consumer expectations across all digital mediums.


The learning experience is becoming increasingly digital and spanning a wider variety of life-long students. From personalized learning platforms to corporate education, we are helping institutions modernize their platforms and gain insight into student behaviors.

Travel & Hospitality

Key industry drivers, such as operational efficiency and customer experience, are now enabled by the advancement of new technologies. We work to ensure that customers receive a memorable experience when engaging with your brand from digital to experiential.


Market leaders are leveraging an ocean of new machine, consumer and logistical data to ensure increased quality and lower costs. Work with us to integrate customer requirements, product life cycles, and supply chain information into new insights, delivered in real-/right-time.


Products and people are moving in new ways, and introducing new considerations around movement efficiency and transparency. From route optimization and fleet management, we have capabilities to ensure your team stays on course.

Energy & Utilities

Vast data volumes are impacting a mature industry with far-reaching implications. We work with companies to enhance their services through analytical capabilities via solutions, processes and adoption to positively affect change in the sector.

Aerospace & Defense

The pace and the stakes for innovation are high in the Aerospace and Defense industry. We work with global firms to revolutionize their entire value chain, from vendor management to transformation operational efficiencies and new product development.


Digital advancements have allowed leading companies to better understand the customer, event risk, and the possibility of new services. We work with next-generation insurers to leverage financial, customer, and operational data to develop innovative solutions.