A Bespoke AI/ML-as-a-Service Platform within the Payment Industry

A Global Payments Services client was looking to scale their AI/ML capabilities beyond serving the enterprise. Motivating factors for creating new data assets included the potential to monetize their data & AI/ML models across their customers and deliver ethical (not-for-profit) AI/ML for the society.


Assess the client’s AI/ML platform needs and gaps to recommend solutioning approaches that would enable their strategic goals of data and AI/ML model monetization.



Deployed surveys, conducted user workshops and researched vendor /provider landscape to provide a:

  • Needs and Gap Assessment
  • Solution Recommendations that would support both current AI/ML capabilities and future needs.



  • Inspired Intellect delivered an AI/ML reference architecture that reflected the client’s nuanced innovation and regulatory needs while also serving as the framework of choice for socializing gaps and building consensus on prioritization of the next steps.
  • Inspired Intellect also provided a robust and reusable mechanism to evaluate and rank AI/ML solutions from third-party solution providers.



Inspired Intellect’s solution roadmap formed the cornerstone for capital funding for gap closure initiatives