Enabling a Resilient Supply Chain through IoT Data

Problem Statement

The National Defense Agency required improved mission-capable readiness of its air fleet across partner defense services, global Air Force bases, and Naval air carriers while reducing overall program sustainment costs



Provide an advanced analytics solution to manage and govern the various OEMs and support providers’ performance against mission-capable readiness criteria



Advisory, implementation, and AI/ML innovation services to provide visibility and traceability for:

  • Mission-capable availability
  • Material reliability
  • Operational support costs across the warfighter enterprise



  • Delivered a command dashboard providing oversight vs. goals
  • Data integration to connect, manage, and govern relevant streaming IoT assets that power enterprise visibility/traceability
  • Prognostics and predictive analytics capabilities across demand (spare parts, training, maintenance, and repair) and supply (logistics, distribution, and inventory/replenishment)
  • Simulation and modeling of prescriptive recommendations and what-if scenario analysis against modified targets: availability, reliability and costs



  • Estimated 30% reduction in operations and support costs while achieving the same availability and reliability